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CrossFit Zion WOD

  • ZION WOD 91714

    Group Warm Up 12 MinutesSWOD Every 2 Minutes for 8 Minutes do 5 Power Cleans @ 65% + 4 Strict Pull Ups. The purpose of strength is to go heavy and build your strength. You should finish just under 10 minutes. Power Cleans should take you almost a full minute, if it does not, ADD more weight.METCON 5-4-3-2-1 reps for […]



    Warm Up – Run 400A-SKILL 3X4 Strict Muscle Ups – Try not to Kip3X6 Hallow Rock Ring RowsB-STRENGTH 3X5 Ladder Pushups 5X6 Bench Press @75% 3X5 Weighted Ring Dips HAP 3X6 Weighted Reverse Grip Pull Ups HAP C-METCON HULK’S INCREDBLE TABATA Tire Flips Deadlift 265/165 Ring Dips T2B Sled Push 20YRDs 115/75 V-Ups Butterfly Pull […]

Edge Training Center

Edge Training Center was built on the idea that physical fitness has become too complicated, too commercialized. We felt that the industry needs to be stripped down to a simple core.
We are a very raw, high intense system that uses the body to do all the work!
We offer several programs to suit one’s needs! We know there is no cookie cutter approach to getting fit. 

We offer:

  • Zumba
  • Competitive Edge (athletic training for youth)
  • Cutting Edge Nutrition
  • CrossFit

Call us today at 435-313-2699 to get started!